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Update 11/25/2018
An Important Technological Milestone has been Achieved!
This invaluable project is now moving in a direction which will make you say..HMMMMM!!!!

Hermes Hybrid Bicycles is a subsidiary of Our parent company has invested enormous research into bringing you the very best hybrid bicycles at price points available to all people. Our Chief Scientist brought about Hermes Hybrid Bicycles via successful R&D of both the Turbinique Wind Engine and the Zeous Power Modules.

This significant accomplishment entails a completely new way of designing and manufacturing a hybrid powered bicycle that now has a truly useful range and speed necessary for the commuter.

With a Hermes Hybrid Bicycle your commute within the inner city will be enhanced by an order of magnitude.  For those who commute from suburbs you will now have the effective range and speed to legitimize parking the car and saving untold tens of thousands of dollars on un-used fuel and extras.

And for those of you who just want to ride you will now have a bicycle with both the power and the stamina to climb the steepest gradients and get you to the top regardless of distance.

Hermes Hybrid Bicycles.

Because we do things being different.